School Management Made Convenient And Affordable.

STSPL provides the complete suite of school management to manage the entire campus operations and administration. It provides an interactive platform for all Stake holder of the school like Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrator and Management needs in a very effective way.

All the stakeholders have access to the platform, at the same time the role-based access rights tighten the security of the information and maintain the privacy of the data. The school management app streamlines the operations making it resource, time, and cost-efficient along with various advanced features. The educational administration and management staff bear less overhead with our School ERP implementation. All core functionalities of school management like admissions, payroll, academics, transport are crafted such that they are carried out at ease and in a user-friendly manner. The software reduces the workload and sets the staff free to engage in productive activities. The reporting feature by the school information management system empowers the management to take rapid and sustainable decisions aiming at the future.

Integration -Biometric

Fingerprints are the unique identity of every individual. No one can duplicate this identity, and this feature alters the traditional attendance system. As the traditional attendance system has several drawbacks, there is a need for a new attendance system, and a fingerprint attendance system fulfills this need. Punching the attendance with an RFID card or fingerprint makes the system apt for the new-age era. When integrated with school ERPs, develop a full-proof attendance system that can be implemented for both staff and students.

With “STSPL” Biometric- Time and attendance solution, Institute can enjoy the benefits of an automated employee time tracking system with an added convenience and security of biometric (fingerprint/RFID Card) authentication.”STSPL” Biometric features time and attendance software paired with a biometric employee time clock. The biometric clock allows employees to check in and out quickly and easily, using just a fingerprint or RFID Card. Vidyalaya Biometric automatically tracks the total time/days worked, based on the total present/absent days software will generate payroll reports accordingly.” STSPL” Biometric solution delivers secure, reliable employee time and attendance tracking.